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Embracing The Unknown


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Embracing the Unknown - John Kenny, The Edinburgh Quartet and Catriona McKay

Peter Swann
Prelude & Fandango
Andrian Pervazov
John Kenny
Aerial Cartography : Tomnamuidh Widd
Aerial Cartography : The Angels' Share
Aerial Cartography : Rant
Etienne Rolin
Embracing the Unknown : Movt 1
Embracing the Unknown : Movt 2
Embracing the Unknown : Movt 3
Embracing the Unknown : Movt 4
Embracing the Unknown : Movt 5
Edward Maguire
Guest Sextet : Guest Sextet

John Kenny (alto, tenor and bass trombones)
Catriona McKay (harp)
The Edinburgh String Quartet

This CD is the result of a gift: Peter Swann sent me the score of his piece Prelude & Fandango in 2004. Originally inspired by my friend and colleague Chris Houlding, Peter asked me if I would be interested in performing the piece, and Chris kindly gave me his blessing to give the premier if I could find an opportunity to stage it. I immediately decided that in order to do Peter's piece justice, it would be necessary to find other music which would enable the performers to explore the potential of this wonderful but completely untried combination. However, although there is now a small but very fine repertoire for trombone and string quartet, harp and trombone duo, and also for harp and string quartet, we could find no other examples for the complete sextet. The challenge, therefore, was to generate a completely new repertoire and this CD is one of the results of that project. We are greatly indebted to the Scottish Arts Council, Northern Junior Philharmonic Trust, Hope Scott Trust, Ralph Vaughan Williams Trust and the Britten Pears Trust for their financial support towards the costs of commissioning, touring, and recording this project, and also to the Glenfiddich Artists in Residence scheme which gave me the time, space, and inspiration to compose my own piece during 2007.
John Kenny

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