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Brass Classics was created by trumpeter, Paul Archibald, in 2006 developing the Classics Labels network of companies which now include, Cello Classics, Clarinet Classics, Saxophone Classics, LIR Classics and Omnibus Classics.
These specialist labels are unique in that they are all managed by professional performers whose remit is to expand the knowledge and understanding of the repertoire specific to their instrument. The Classics Labels now offer over 70 recordings which represent a treasure trove of repertoire, artists and performances.
Brass Classics gives its artists a unique opportunity to promote their work, advising in repertoire building, music production, design and marketing. The Brass Classics team are all experienced specialists and are mindful of the complexities of recording and promoting creative projects.
It encourages collaborations with artists, composers and arrangers as development of the creative persona is key to the success of the company. Its link with Brass Wind Publications and its many partners throughout the world ensure that the connections and expertise are in place to allow the artist to focus on what is important: the creative process and its relevance to our society.

Paul Archibald

Paul Archibald at Castle Coch