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The Classics Labels are a group of labels owned by performing musicians whose many years of experience in the music business give them extensive knowledge in many different genres. This London-based group consists of five full priced labels - Brass Classics, Omnibus Classics, Cello Classics, Clarinet Classics, and Saxophone Classics - and a mid-priced label LIR Classics.

Omnibus Classics specialises in orchestral, chamber, contemporary, jazz and world music. The objective of the labels is to focus on the very best artists and give them the opportunity to express their artistic aims and desires. Supported by professional musicians, Paul Archibald (trumpet), Sebastian Comberti (cello), Victoria Soames Samek (clarinet) together with Jan Hart of label LIR Classics and Joint Artistic Director Professor Stephen Cottrell of Saxophone Classics, our artists are encouraged to fulfill their creative ambitions and to extend the boundaries of their musical expression.