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Brass Classics has a fresh, sharp and dynamic approach to its marketing. Top priority is to provide all the creative communication the artist needs. We provide our artists with a vast array of ideas to develop their concepts and to implement these ideas in true style. With a keen eye for detail and originality, our CD design is in the hands of one of the most innovative companies in the business, Fruition Creative Concepts. We aim to inspire the artist with our creative thinking and help develop profiles through the power of great designs coupled with astute buiness acumen. When the artist is successful so is Brass Classics!
Brass Classics sees itself as part of a network of collaborations that all performing musicians need in order to develop profile. We are proud of our artists achievements and we like to keep our contacts up-to-date with career developments. In addition to our international distribution, both physical and digital, we send monthly messages to over 12,000 Brass Classics contacts updating them about concerts, repertoire development, new recordings and educational and community work. We are not just about CDs. We are about people and the contribution they make to society through their art. To maximise the impact of our messages we collaborate with Myemma who are one of the world's leading marketing innovators.

Striking designs are the essence of Brass Classics